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chargeable adj : liable to be accused, or cause for such liability; "the suspect was chargeable"; "an indictable offense" [syn: indictable]

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  1. (of expenses etc) That may be charged to an account.
  2. Liable to be accused (either formally or informally)


  • 1859 John Thomas Arlidge - On the state of lunacy and the legal provision for the insane
    The law provides for the occasional visitation of pauper lunatics in asylums chargeable to parishes, by a certain number of the officers . . .
  • 1853 The Speeches of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox in the House of Common
    These cruelties are not, indeed, chargeable on Mr. Hastings personally; but when I state, that he levied an unjust war, the consequences that follow he is guilty of.
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